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Medicines in specific cases



Patients may purchase medicinal products not included in the Medicinal Product Register of Latvia (also known as unauthorised medicinal products) at any pharmacy with a prescription issued and formatted by a doctor in accordance with the requirements of normative acts. The healthcare professional takes the responsibility for prescribing unauthorised medicinal products to patients.


Important information

  • If an equivalent or analogue medicinal product included in the Medicinal Product Register  is available, the doctor must provide a justificationon the prescription why the specific unauthorised medicinal product is required instead.
  • When ordering an unauthorised medicinal product at the pharmacy, please inquire about the foreseeable delivery time and price.
  • In order to purchase prescription medicinal products or unauthorised medicinal products, the patient has to submit at the pharmacy a prescription issued by a healthcare professional or, when redeeming an e‑prescription, show a personal identification document – passport or ID card (other documents such as driver’s licence are not acceptable).
  • Patients may receive unauthorised medicinal products after the State Agency of Medicines has issued an authorisation for their distribution.
  • If delay in receiving treatment may result in irreversible negative or life‑threatening consequences on the patient’s health, a healthcare professional may issue medicinal products to the patient for out‑patient treatment in the amount that will ensure treatment until the patient is able to purchase the medicinal product at a pharmacy.


Additional information

How to purchase medicinal products with an e‑prescription?  (in Latvian)

Regulation No 175 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia "Regulations for Manufacture and Storage of Prescription Forms, as well as Writing out and Storage Prescriptions" adopted on 8 March 2005

Regulation No 416 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia “Procedures regarding the Distribution and Quality Control of Medicinal Products” adopted on 26 June 2007