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Project name

VISTART (Vigilance and Inspection for the Safety of Transfusion, Assisted Reproduction and Transplantation). The project is co-funded within the EU Health Programme (2014-2020) (EU JOINT ACTION “VISTART” Grant Agreement 676969).



10/10/2015 – 09/10/2018


Leading partner




To promote and facilitate harmonisation of inspection, authorisation and vigilance systems for blood, tissues and cells and to increase inter-MS collaboration and confidence in each other’s inspection and vigilance programmes.


Tasks and activities of the State Agency of Medicines of Latvia

The State Agency of Medicines of Latvia is a collaborative partner (has not an agreement regarding co-funding) and is involved in the following Work-Packages:

WP4 “Vigilance reporting for Blood, Tissues and Cells”

WP6 “Inspection Guidelines for Blood, Tissues and Cells Competent Authorities”

WP7 “Training of Blood, Tissues, Cells inspectors with sharing of expertise across member states”

WP9 “A voluntary programme of inter-inspection system auditing”

WP10 “Implementation of the single European coding system in Tissue establishments”

Additional information about the project is available here.