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Report medicines shortages

Medicines shortages management in Latvia


Medicines shortages can occur for many reasons, such as manufacturing difficulties or problems affecting the quality of medicines that can have impact on patient care. Regulatory authorities within and outside Europe are increasingly working together to prevent shortages and to limit their impact whenever they occur. The State Agency of Medicines (SAM) in Latvia:

  • works with pharmaceutical companies to resolve manufacturing and distribution issues; makes inquiries about alternative sources of supply;
  • invites public and healthcare professionals to provide information about shortages;
  • takes decisions to allow alternative medicines or suppliers to be used.

Please inform the State Agency of Medicines about medicines shortages via the form below. Your input will help to gather complete information on medicines actually placed on the market in Latvia, and to solve medicine shortages issues more effectively.

If treatment process requires medicines unauthorized in the Republic of Latvia, the State Agency of Latvia issues license for import and distribution of unauthorized medicines. License for import and distribution of unauthorized medicines allows wholesalers to distribute medicines to pharmacies.