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Purchase of medicines in pharmacy





A medicinal product is any substance or combination of substances with properties that are necessary for treatment of illness, or prevention of illness,

as well as any substance or combination of substances that may be utilised or administered in humans or animals with the aim of renewing, improving or changing physiological functions, causing a pharmacologic, immunologic or metabolic effect or determine medical diagnosis.

In order for the medicinal product to provide maximum benefit to the patient health, the State Agency of Medicines invites patients to clarify with the doctor or pharmacist the following information regarding the prescribed medicinal product – precise name of product, effect and requirements for correct use of product.

It is also important to follow the instructions given by the doctor and pharmacist and always inform the healthcare professional regarding other concomitantly used medicinal products. For patients who require continuous or long-term use of medicinal products we suggest creating a list of medicinal products and informing one’s relatives about it.

We remind you that use of medicinal products may bring not just benefits. Every use of medicinal products carries a risk of development of known or, in some cases, thus far unknown adverse reactions. However, compliance with the advice of provided by the doctor or pharmacist significantly decreases the risk of adverse reactions.

We invite patients to use medicinal products wisely by consulting with a doctor or pharmacist and in case of an observed adverse reaction first inform the doctor or pharmacist.

Patients may purchase medicinal products for out‑patient treatment in general type pharmacies. Non‑prescription medicinal products may be purchased at the pharmacy in person or online, but prescription medicinal products may only be purchased in person with a prescription issued in accordance with the normative acts.

In order to purchase prescription medicinal products, the patient has to submit at the pharmacy a prescription issued by a healthcare professional or, when redeeming an e‑prescription, show a personal identification document – passport or ID card (other documents such as driver’s licence are not acceptable).


Important information

If delay in receiving treatment may result in irreversible negative or life‑threatening consequences on the patient’s health, a healthcare professional may issue medicinal products to the patient for out‑patient treatment in the amount that will ensure treatment until the patient is able to purchase the medicinal product at a pharmacy.

A physical person may bring medicinal products for personal use from foreign countries, for example, in their travel baggage, or receive medicinal products via postal service (except narcotic and psychotropic medicinal products) in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 416 of 26 June 2007 “Procedures regarding the Distribution and Quality Control of Medicinal Products”. 


Additional information

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