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Licencētie farmaceitiskās darbības uzņēmumi



Online Pharmacies

In the Republic of Latvia only non-prescription medicines can be distributed online according to the national legislation.

Retail selling of medicines via the internet is allowed only for those general or open type pharmacies which have obtained a specific licence for operation of a general or an open type pharmacy with a special notification in the licence – distribution of non-prescription medicines via the internet.


The list of legal pharmacies which distribute non-prescription medicines via the internet

Activity of those pharmacies is regulated by the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia:

The State Agency of Medicines of Latvia draws attention to the fact that there may be differences in Member States regarding the classification of medicinal products. Consequently Latvian pharmacies, which are allowed to distribute medicines via the internet, have permission to sell only non-prescription medicines included in the Drug Register of the Republic of Latvia.

Starting from 1 July 2015 a new common logo has been introduced in the European Union for the pharmacies, which provide retail selling of the medicines via the internet. Introduction of common logo is foreseen by:

An objective of introducing the common logo in the European Union is to assist the public in identifying legitimate online retailers, and to raise awareness of the risk of buying medicines from illegal online sources.

For more information see European Medicines Agency (EMA) information on falsified medicines.