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Use and storage of medicines


Please consult a doctor or pharmacist on the appropriate use of medicinal products. The doctor will determine the dosage and frequency of use of prescription medicinal products that is appropriate for you, and the pharmacist will explain all of the details regarding use and storage of medicinal products.

It is very important to use medicinal products in accordance with the guidance provided in the package leaflet because arbitrary use of medicinal products may not only be ineffective but may also cause unpleasant and even life‑threatening adverse reactions. The most common mistakes in using medicinal products are failure to comply with the recommended amount of medicinal product or frequency of use, as well as arbitrary combination of different medicinal products.

Upon initiating use of a new medicinal product, the package leaflet should be read carefully. Attention should be paid to the timing of use of medicinal products – in the morning, evening or midday, before or after meals, as well as the dosage of medicinal product and duration of use. Use of medicinal product before a meal means that the medicinal product should be used at least 30 minutes prior to the meal. On the other hand, use of medicinal product after a meal means that the medicinal product should be used 30 minutes after the meal.

It is also important to follow the instructions provided in the package leaflet regarding the consumption of certain drinks (for example, milk, alcohol, grapefruit juice) and foods ( for example, food with a high fat content) during the use of a medicinal product as it may have a significant effect on the way the medicinal product works.

In order for the medicinal product to be qualitative and safe and maintain its efficacy, the product has to be stored properly.

We recommend paying attention to the storage conditions of the medicinal product at a home setting and to store the medicinal product according to the instructions provided in the package leaflet. If the storage conditions are not followed, the efficacy of the medicinal product cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes incorrectly stored medicinal products may have a negative effect on health.

Increased environmental temperature or direct sunlight may have a negative effect on any medicinal product. The efficacy of medicinal product may be reduced and the risk of adverse reactions may increase.

Medicinal products that must be stored at the temperatures from+ 2°C to + 8°C according to the package leaflet must not be frozen. Similarly, if the package leaflet of a medicinal product indicates that the product must be stored at temperatures not exceeding +25°C (or +30°C), but the usual storage place of medicinal products has a higher temperature than indicated in the package leaflet, an appropriate storage place should be ensured for this product.

If the package leaflet indicates that the medicinal product does not require any particular storage conditions, it may be stored at the weather conditions characteristic for the specific climate zone (of the country).