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About online Medicinal Product Register search form


Online Medicinal Product Register search form is the source of information regarding medicines included in the Medicinal Product Register of Latvia, as well as medicines centrally authorised in the European Union. By entering the product name, active substance, marketing authorisation holder or ATC code of medicines into the search field the next page will open displaying information regarding the medicines found. By using the additional search parameters the search results can be narrowed down.

By clicking on the row of a found medicine you can see additional information regarding the medicine, summary of product characteristics, patient information leaflet and other information, as well as information regarding products - strength/concentration, packaging, availability, labeling, maximal allowed price in pharmacies.

Separate information sections of the Register are still being supplemented and improved, therefore, it is essential that you inform us about any imperfections that you encounter in the Register. To improve the Medicinal Product Register through mutual creative cooperation according to your interests and for the Medicinal Product Register to become an essential source of information and aid in daily activities, we look forward to your suggestions