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Brokers (brokering of medicinal products)

Business transactions with medicinal products


Business transactions with medicinal products include all of the activities related to sale or purchase of medicinal products (except wholesale), excluding physical handling of medicinal products, that is – independent negotiations held on behalf of another legal or physical person.

Purchase, storage, export, sale, transport of medicinal products are not business transactions, it is wholesale distribution of medicinal products

Business transactions with medicinal products may be conducted only by a person registered at the State Agency of Medicines (SAM).


How to register?

In order to register, please submit the “Application for registration of person conducting buisness transactions with medicinal products” to SAM.

Submission options: SAM Client Service Center (Room 11), via mail (address: Jersikas street 15, Riga, Latvia‑1003) or please send an e‑signed application to the following SAM e‑mail address:


Payment procedure
Payment for the service should be made in accordance with the SAM Paid Service Pricelist



Additional information

Regulation No 416 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia “Procedures regarding the Distribution and Quality Control of Medicinal Products” adopted on 26 June 2007