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Survey of the clients and collaboration partners of the State Agency of Medicines


Dear clients and collaboration partners of the State Agency of Medicines!

We are truly grateful for our collaboration and provided annual evaluation of accomplished work made by State Agency of Medicines (Agency). Also we are thankful for Your given assessment of Agency in the initiative "Consult first" (in Latvian “Konsultē vispirms”) who`s aim was to improve dialogue between institutions and clients organized by Ministry of Economics of Republic of Latvia.

We kindly invite You to give us feedback about our collaboration and quality of received services in 2020 by filling out our annual survey, especially to evaluate the quality of our provided services in pandemic what made Agency to adapt to new circumstances more rapidly.

Please fill out the survey until February 5th.

Your opinion and suggestions are really important for Agency to improve quality of our services!

Survey is available here.

Completion of the survey requires less than 10 minutes. The survey is anonymous and the data collected will be used in summarized manner.