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"Cito!" is an informative bulletin for physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals on the safety of medicines. In addition, the bulletin contains information on changes within the Drug Register of the Republic of Latvia.

The main objective of the bulletin is to furnish health care specialists with the recent scientifically grounded information and recommendations on safety of medicines received from the State Agency of Medicines, European Commission, European Medicines Agency, World Health Organisation, other Regulatory Authorities and bulletins.

"Cito!" is a medium providing professional views and experiences in matters of pharmacovigilance. The bulletin also urges physicians to share their observations with the experts of the State Agency of Medicines, using an adverse reactions report form enclosed in each copy of the bulletin.

"Cito!" is a member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB) – a world wide network of bulletins and journals on drugs and therapeutics that are financially and intellectually independent of pharmaceutical industry, founded in 1986. The overall aim of ISDB is to encourage and assist the development of independent drug bulletins in all countries and to facilitate co-operation amongst them.

"Cito!" is published every three months. To receive "Cito!", please send your request to an e-mail:

Additional information

Dita Okmane
State Agency of Medicines
Jersikas iela 15, Riga, LV -1003, Latvia
phone: +371 67078422
fax: +371 67078428