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A publicly available Register of Pharmaceutical Activity Companies has been established


Establishment of the new Register makes searching for information much faster and easier and provides a more convenient overview of the information

In order to ensure that updated and official information regarding pharmaceutical activity companies licensed in Latvia* is easy to find and overview, the State Agency of Medicines (SAM) has established the Register of Pharmaceutical Activity Companies with interactive search functionalities.

The Register includes information regarding licensed pharmacies, manufacturers, distributors and importers of medicines and active substances, medicines wholesalers, including also companies that are licensed in EU and EEA countries and have notified SAM regarding initiation of wholesale distribution in Latvia.


The Register provides data on the total number of pharmaceutical activity companies in Latvia, as well as the number of companies in separate categories (total number of pharmacies, wholesalers and/or manufacturers). The Register can be searched for information using various criteria.

Information may be searched according to the name of the company, its licence number, registration number, city or region. Information may be selected also according to the type of special activity indicated in the licence issued to the company. For example, you may select only pharmacies operating 24 hours a day, distributing veterinary medicines, preparing medicines in the pharmacy or conducting other activities. By clicking on the name of the pharmacy you may view its location in the map of pharmacies established by SAM.

In a dedicated section you may select the search criteria “licence suspended”. After filtering the relevant companies, you may view the date when the licence was suspended for a particular company.

Prior to the establishment of the Register, a list of licensed pharmaceutical companies was available on SAM website in a Word file and PDF format (Word and PDF formats will be also available on the website until 30 June 2018).

In case of any questions related to the operation of the Register please contact the experts of the Pharmaceutical Activities Company Licensing Department via phone (67078446 or 67078430) or via e mail:


* Manufacturing and distribution of medicines in Latvia is strictly regulated and only companies having received a special permit (licence) from SAM for a specific type of business are allowed to undertake these activities.