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EZA aicina tiešsaistē uzdot jautājumus par CTIS


Informējam, ka Eiropas Zāļu aģentūra (EMA) ir izveidojusi iespēju klīnisko pētījumu sponsoriem tiešsaistē uzdot jautājumus par klīnisko pētījumu informācijas sistēmu CTIS.

Publicējam EMA vēstuli ar informāciju par šo iespēju (angļu valodā):


Dear members of the CTIS Member States group,


EMA has added additional CTIS walk-in clinic dates in May and June 2022. CTIS walk-in clinics are short, regular events which provide an opportunity for CTIS sponsor users to ask EMA’s CTIS experts questions about any CTIS functionality in a live forum.

The objectives of these events are to proactively answer questions from sponsors, to promote stakeholder engagement and to allow sponsors to learn from the questions asked by others.

Clinical trial sponsors are encouraged to review the CTIS Sponsor Handbookand  CTIS training materials prior to the walk-in clinic events, so that questions can focus on items not covered in the existing materials.


The calendar of the newly added events is below.


Additional CTIS events will be added to the  EMA CTIS Training and Support pageshortly. 

This e-mail is shared with you for information and in case you would like to promote the events via national channels. Interested parties can subscribe to the Clinical Trials highlights newsletterby emailing  CT.NewsletterSubscriptions@ema.europa.eu to be informed of the latest updates.


Kind regards,

CTIS Change Management